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How To Prevent Frequent Semen Discharge During Sleep Naturally?


Semen discharge, medically referred to as nocturnal emissions, is a health condition which is known to occur usually in male folks during adolescence – between the age group of 9 to 18.

It is a natural occurrence which takes place at least once in a lifetime of every normal male person. It is a sign of maturity. That is why it is usually experienced by a man when they first start being responsive to the opposite sex.

 Treatment for night discharge

During sleep, the human reproductive system reacts to feelings and other natural factors to excrete some form of organic fluid containing spermatozoa through the genitals. The discharge is involuntary and sometimes seconds after it happens the victim awakes from sleep. Under normal circumstances, this discharge of semen fluid during sleep happens not more than three times in a week. It usually stops after puberty when a male person becomes an adult.

On the other hand, frequent semen discharge during sleep is entirely a different ball game. Most times, it is a sign of ill health. In this situation, more often than not, even beyond adolescence, it occurs in adults. At the chronic stage, victims experience other complicated health related issues as resulting side effects of semen discharge during sleep. These side effects could include, persistent weakness of the body, being inactive during lovemaking, premature discharge, damaged body cells and weak reproductive system.

Frequent semen discharge during sleep, inter alia, is a big threat to human health. If it is not given proper attention at the initial stage, it could lead to impotency and barrenness. Nevertheless, above and beyond, in a bid and quest to help cure or prevent frequent semen discharge during sleep, given thus is a natural cure which is remedied all the time for this ailment:

In the days gone by when men were still men and sex was sex, our forefathers used herbal nightfall treatment to stay strong and healthy. Fact from records shows that, the potency of something as natural herb cannot be over emphasized; neither is there any other cure for ills that measure up to it.

Similarly, in connection with remedying a cure to prevent frequent semen discharge during sleep, No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules, made from herbs, is the most effective and efficient of all natural cures for frequent semen discharge. What makes it different from the others is the the ingredients from which this remedy is made. No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules is a product composed of different herbs mixed in the appropriate portion to give high potency and exact dosage. It contains all supplements necessary to keep the human reproductive system at balance. For victims with extreme cases wherein the body is persistently weak, Semen discharge in urine treatment supplies the necessary minerals need by the body thereby rejuvenating the damaged cells and reinstating the health.

Finally, as the wise people always say, “health is wealth”. If you happen to be a victim of frequent semen discharge during sleep, it is imperative that you be on the lookout for No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules.


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