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At 40, about 40 percent of men suffer from the problem of ED. This rate increases with age and is affecting more and more young men as well, or else, it can be said that many more are admitting to the problem.

The blood vessels on the male reproductive organ controlling these physical activities are very delicate and changes or trauma to the blood vessels can cause change in functions. Men taking harsh cures for prostrate problems, or those who undergo radiation therapies are strongly affected by it. The longer the exposure to radiations or harsh chemicals, longer is the effect. Furthermore, men with diabetes and vascular conditions may suffer from the inability to hold erection for the needed duration and suffer from dissatisfaction in conjugal activities. Chemical treatment for such problems can effect blood circulation exceedingly and these are not for men of all age groups. Herbal erectile dysfunction pills offer better cures for such problems.

 Herbal erectile dysfunction treatment

People suffering from heart problems take nitrate chemicals to ensure blood circulation to heart and intake of chemicals for ED can change the way nitrates work causing drop in BP to dangerously low levels. Herbal erectile dysfunction pills are considered better than other risky options such as the use of device or surgery because the cures are natural and do not disrupt the normal body functions. Erectile dysfunction pills review find the use of Withania somnifera can improve the condition of ED, and Maha Rasayan capsules, popularly used for the purpose, contains various herbal extracts including Withania. Many of the herbs in the herbal erection pills and oil are normally found in foods and have no strange side effects.

The research in India on the herb Withania somnifera found it was very effective in curing chronic stress. The subjects were given the herb for 60 days and stress decreased by more than 40 percent and depression reduced by more than 70 percent in the subjects. It was tested positive at Tokyo University of Technology for having the properties of blocking skin cancers where it was able to reduce the speed of process of melanocyte stem cells. It can prevent liver toxicity and is able to reduce oxidative damage to the brain cells. This protection prevented dementia and aging related brain conditions such as Alzheimer’s. Another study found it effective in improving endurance, metabolic functions and oxygen intake. It was found to be capable of reducing cholesterol, increasing muscle strength and improving sleep quality. The Central Drug Institute of India states – it can increase glucose tolerance and was also effective in reducing infectious health problems.

Withania extract was tested in a Germany at university of Tubingen where it was found to be effective in altering gene expression to enhance energy production. It was found to be capable of reducing oxidative stress. It has even been effective in curing adrenal gland disorders – a rare property – which is difficult to achieve through chemical medicines. Over 35 different chemicals constitutions of the herb have been identified and mentioned in various herbal ED pills reviews that can impart rare benefits to the human body, including the property to repair damaged nerve cells and restore endocrine necessary for improving reproductive functions in men.


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