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Prostate problem in men is caused due to the growth of prostate that starts after the age of 25 in men causing enlargement. There is no active cure for the problem and its symptoms can be controlled by proper management techniques.

The condition requires regular monitoring and can get complicated at later stages. Although, more than 60 percent of men do not suffer from any symptoms of the problem, some can find it difficult to manage due to conditions such as interrupted urine outflow, leakage of urine, incomplete emptying and frequent urination in night. Simple stress relieving activities can help in preventing leakage, as the condition of urination increases when the person is nervous. One need to take time to empty the bladder and one should avoid caffeinated drinks or alcohol in the evening. To get herbal management methods, one can check enlarged prostate supplements reviews offered by the over-the-counter remedies, which can sometimes, provide better ways for management and even cure for the condition.

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BPH affects the quality of life of men with interfering urinary flow rates. One of the best natural prostate supplements for enlarged prostate Prostocure capsules are made up of herbs having long term relieving effects on body without any side effects. The supplements contain herb such as Tribulus terrestris, Caesalpinia bonducella, Asparagus Racemosus etc., effective in curing the condition of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.

The study with a combination of herbs – Tribulus terrestris and Murraya Koenigii was conducted for twelve weeks on humans, and the herbal combination was able to reduce prostatic volume by 5.6 percent and the statistical reduction was significant. The herb tribulus has diuretic properties and has been considered beneficial in Ayurveda for prostatic hyperplasia.

Tribulus terrestris contains three types of phyto chemicals e.g. diosgenin, protodioscin, dioscin and protodioscin. These are considered to be natural testosterone enhancer and the herb can help in production of various other chemicals to deal with deficiency of aging body. It is believed to be helpful in relieving impotence and can increase fertility. Animal studies find it has ingredients to protect the liver and kidneys from oxidative damage even at a low dose and can have anti-stress effects on the body. Typically, for libido enhancement a dose of 200 to 450 mg of the herb is recommended depending on body constitution.

The plant is considered to be rich in active muscle building compound prototribestin and tribestin, while the selection of plant extract collected from Indian sub-continent lack these compounds but most of the study on the herb related to BPH is based on the Indian or Chinese variety of herb. These varieties have anti stress properties and the potency is visible mostly at higher doses.

Caesalpinia bonducella or Putikaranja have been discussed in natural prostate supplements reviews as it has soothing impact on the organ. It has anti-inflammatory effects and is beneficial for improving the condition of enlarged prostate.

Shatavari extract or Asparagus racemosus is also one of the ingredients of the best prostate supplements as it can relieve inflammation and improve the quality of urination, at the same time as enhancing power to hold urine.


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