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Erection is a reaction to trigger involving neurovascular activities and the trigger factors are psychological or endocrine related. The nerve impulses sent by neurotransmitter to the cavernous nerve terminal of the male organ and the relaxing signals given by the endothelial cells initiate the process.

The smooth tissues relax causing blood flow into the arteries which supplies the erectile tissues to increase blood flow. The relaxation of the sinusoidal muscles causes rapid filling and expansion of the smooth muscles. This traps the blood and causes the organ to gain erect position. The body manages a pressure of 100 mg Hg during full erection while the pressure rises and the tissues need to prevent outflow and inflow at one time. To cure weak erection naturally, one should be able to regulate the flow of endocrines and be able to control endothelium functions or signaling the release of nitric oxide.

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The organ is, basically, working on the signaling of somatic and autonomic nerves and the parasympathetic and sympathetic nerves merge from the cavernous nerves which enter the organ and regulate blood flow during erection. The sensation, contraction and the relaxation of the organ is done by the somatic component and nitric oxide is the main neurotransmitter released by the endothelium. The problem of poor erection can be a neurological disorder where the man is unable to hold pressure due to injuries in the spinal cord or the brain. Herbal erection pills help in keeping these in alignment to cure weak erection naturally.

The response to visual or physical stimulation is not just regulated by the androgens, although it plays a significant role in enhancing the power of erection. The psychogenic conditions can trigger the problem as it causes anxieties and this can lead to loss of libido and over inhibition. These conditions can impair the nitric oxide release from the organ which causes poor erection.

Impaired arterial or venous flow due to high blood pressure and diabetes, spinal injurious and medication(such as antidepressants, tobacco or medicine or alcohol) induced weaknesses can cause central suppression and insufficiency of the vascular functions. Bluze capsule is the kind of herbal remedy for erectile dysfunction that offers better cure for the problem.

Pedalium murex is one of the ingredients used in the preparation of herbal male sexual enhancement remedies that shows improvement in erectile functions over the use of 28 days and this was tested with 50 to 150 mg per kg of the herb and the level of improvement was twofold. The study on rats showed the herbal extract appeared to normalize the spermatic abnormalities that were induced in rats. The abnormalities, viability, shape and count of the sperms was normalized on taking 400 mg per kg of the extract. The male rats showed higher fertility assessed through pregnancies. Mucuna Pruriens, Myristica Fragrans and Withania Somnifera are other ingredients in herbal male sexual enhancement remedies and these herbs are aphrodisiac in nature. Numerous studies acclaim the use of these herbs to improve fertility that was tested on male rats where these helped to enhance endocrine flow and was able to cure weak erection naturally.


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