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Herbal Remedies For Semen Discharge During Sleep At Night

Semen leakage during sleep can be quite a tricky situation to be faced with. When it happens during adolescence, it is considered to be normal, as it marks the beginning of puberty.
However, repeated incidents as you grow older, especially when they start to happen very frequently, are considered to be quite dangerous for one’s sexual health. Indeed, the problem of semen leakage during sleep, also known as wet dreams or nightfall brings with it a range of other issues to deal with too, such as pain in the genitals, overall body weakness, irritability, not to mention a feeling of gloom and low self-confidence In general.Luckily, there are herbal remedies for treating semen discharge during sleep. These include capsules like Maha Rasayan and No Fall. One of the reasons why people prefer herbal remedies to chemical-based medicines to treat semen leakage during sleep are that they are risk-free and do not cause any side effects. Chemical-based medicines can sometimes lead to reactions in the body that may cause more damage than good. Some people have complained about weight gain, hair loss and acidity among other things when they have tried to take chemical medicines for their problem of semen leakage. However, herbal or ayurvedic medicines are made from substances derived from nature, which means that they do not interfere with the body’s natural processes, and solve the problem quite effectively and painlessly.

Some of the ingredients in herbal remedies for semen discharge during sleep include Safed Musli, Kali Musli, Shilajit and Kaunch amongst other things. Together, all these ingredients blend to improve blood flow in the body and make the tissues around the genitals stronger and firmer for better ejaculations and erections.

For treatment, a person needs to take Maha Rasayan and No Fall Рone capsule of each twice a day, for a period of 3 months. You can take the semen discharge in urine treatment with either milk or water. In some cases of severe discomfort and problem, the treatment may need to be continued for a period of 6 months.

Semen leakage during sleep is indeed one of the worst problems that a man can face. It causes problems in your sex life, and is considered to be one of the main reasons why many wives leave their husbands or why many girlfriends break up with their boyfriends. Indeed the psychological implications of sexual health conditions can be quite difficult to handle, and they are sometimes worse than the sexual health problem itself.

Herbal remedies for semen discharge during sleep are a good way to combat sexual health problems and save your relationship at the same time. You don’t need to feel shy or embarrassed, as you can take these herbal nightfall treatment privately without having to discuss the issues with a doctor or a friend. If you follow the dosage properly, you can gauge the progress on your own too, and you will never need to worry about such problems again in your life.


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