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Does Your Semen Comes Out While You Urinate, Use Herbal Remedies

Semen leakage is a serious problem that causes adverse effects on one’s sexual health. There are many men all over the world who suffer from different kinds of semen leakage problems.

There are those who have their semen leaking suddenly and unexpectedly during their sleep at night, a condition known as Nocturnal Emissions or Wet Dreams or Nightfall. Then there are men who say that their semen comes out while urinating, a problem that is accompanied by pain in the genitals and a burning sensation sometimes as you pee.

Sexual health problems like when semen comes out while urinating are a reflection of one’s poor overall health. Medical experts have explained that when a person’s body is weak overall, their sexual health automatically starts to go down. There are many reasons for the body to go weak. For some, it is because of their poor lifestyle habits, such as that of drinking alcohol, smoking, consuming too much junk food, erratic sleeping and working patterns, no exercising etc. For others, the cause is over masturbation that leads to the muscles and tissues around the genitals being tired and damaged, with no time for rest and recuperation. There are still others, who have a weak body because of some strong medication that they may be taking due to some illness or diseases, or it could be the diseases or illness itself that may be making the body weak.

Whatever be the cause, the point is that semen discharge in urine is not something that can be taken lightly. This issue needs to be sorted as soon as it is identified, so one can prevent further damages. When semen comes out while urinating, you are bound to feel discomfort and pain, and that is not a feeling one would want to keep for a long time. Hence, one should take herbal remedies for semen discharge in urine, such as Maha Rasayan and No Fall, herbal nightfall treatment.

These two herbal capsules are made of natural herbs and ingredients that help to cure the problem internally by improving blood flow, repairing damaged tissues and muscles, making the genitals stronger and firmer for better control over ejaculations, reducing the pain around the genitals, and by working towards boosting overall strength and stamina in the body for better performance and endurance in bed. The good thing about these semen discharge in urine herbal remedies for semen discharge in urine is that they are absolutely safe for consumption. Unlike chemical-based medicines, these capsules cause no side effects and can be taken safely by anyone.

The dosage is one capsule of Maha Rasayan and one capsule of No Fall, to be taken twice a day, preferably after meals, for a period of 3 months. If the condition is severe, then one may have to continue taking the capsules for Maha Rasayan and No Fall  a period of 6 months in order to see good results. Along with taking the capsules, one must also follow a healthy lifestyle with nutritious food, regular exercise and enough sleep and rest everyday for the body to recover faster and show results.


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